3 Maker’s Muse videos to watch when starting 3D printing

If you just bought your first 3D printer or is thinking about it, these three videos are a must see!

Maker’s Muse is a youtube channel focusing on 3D printing and you will find a lot of valuable information here.

I have been watching tons of videos on 3D printing on Youtube the last couple of months. And about two weeks ago we finally got out own printer 🙂

The following three videos are the ones I found most useful starting out.

10 places to get FREE 3D Printing Files

A good way to get to know you printer is by printing different small models.

This video introduced 10 places where people share free 3D models.

Be sure to check the license of the models you download and give credit where it is needed 🙂

The Best Way to Orient you 3D prints

Okay so you are ready to print your first model, but how should it be oriented when printing?

This video introduces you to pros and cons of different orientations.

Stop the stringing with Retraction

One of the first problems I experienced with my prints was stringing.

Stringing is when there are strings of filament in places where they should not be. This happens when filament is oozing out of you nozzle in places the printer should not print.

The video bellow is an introduction to retraction which can be used to limit stringing.

I am definitly a fan of Maker’s Muse, and if you liked the videos above I would encourage you to like their youtube channel for more cool content!

A note on Slicer software

To prepare a 3D model (in .stl format) for 3D printing you also need a slicer software which help create the .gcode for your printer.

Though this is also a big part of 3D printing, I have not included a video about it in this post.

When you first get your printer it doesn’t matter much which slicer software you use. Instead of spending a lot of time selecting the perfect slicer, just pick one and start printing models.

After the first couple of prints you can start looking into different slicer software if you are not content with what you started with 🙂


Happy 3D printing!