Lego lock and puzzle boxes – Video Day 36/16

Lego lock and puzzle boxes

One of the projects on my never ending projects-to-do-list is a secret puzzle and mystery box. You know one of those where the lock of the box is a combination of different small puzzles.

On my search for inspiration I found the following three cool Lego videos. The first is a Lego safe with a combination lock mechanism. The two last are a simple and a more advanced Lego puzzle box.

I showed the two Lego puzzle box to the 5 year-old maker (soon to be 6 year-old maker!), and she can’t stop asking if we got the parts to make them. And if not, when we can buy the remaining parts.


Working LEGO Combination Safe

How to Build a LEGO Puzzle Box | BRICK X BRICK

Lego puzzle box