Makers and the Maker Movement: Maker Faire

What is a Maker Faire, and can I attend?

In this third and last blog post in this summers theme on Makers and the Maker Movement is all about Maker Faires.

The first post focused on who are the Makers, and how do you become one.

The second post focused on what the Maker Moveement is, and how it started.

What is a Maker Faire?

Maker Faires were first created by Make: Magazine in 2006 with the purpose to “celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset”.

Since then it has grown into many Maker Faires being held around the year all over the world.

maker faire growth - maker movement

They are about showing off what makers are making, being inspired, getting ideas, being amazed and maybe even learning a new thing or two.

And they are about meeting other makers.

Makers, Maker Movement and Maker Faire

The Maker Movement is all about sharing and learning from each other. And we can do this easily with the internet.

But gathering lots of makers in a Maker Faire makes it even easier to share. Especially between active makers and all the potential new makers who visit the faire.

Knowing where to look for information can be tricky if you are new to the Maker Movement. By attending a Maker Faire this gets a lot easier, because you have direct access to lots of makers!

The always popular, Bellagio-esque, fountains of soda from Eepybird will be back to wow the crowds. Kids-of all ages! -- will love this live science experiment that they can also try at home.
Cola + Mentos = Fountains of soda – Maker Faires are fun for all ages!

What is on display at a Maker Faire?

If it can be and has been made by someone, then it might also be found at a Maker Faire.

Beginner projects. Advanced projects. Useful projects. Useless projects. Art projects. Using all kinds of materials for all kinds of purposes.

Can I attend?


Everyone can attend one of the many Maker Faires around the world.

stormtrooper maker faire
Stromtrooper in action at Power Racing Series at World Maker Faire New York 2015

You can attend as a guest and just walk around and experiencing the ambiance of the Faire. Or you might even want to try some of the things on display. Some places it is even possible to just walk in and start making something yourself!

For those who make things themselves it is also possible to attend as a maker, and get a booth where you can display you projects.

To find a Maker Faire near you, follow this link to a map of all the Maker Faires in the world.

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