Tech news of the week – 24/16

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Today is Monday, and Monday is News Day here at Maker Tech 🙂

News Day is the day you get links to some of my favorite news from the previous week. Because this is a maker and tech blog, the news are of course also focused around these topics. Continue reading “Tech news of the week – 24/16”

Welcome to Maker Tech!

Hi, and welcome to Maker Tech.

Maker Tech is my new blog where I share my passion for technology, software engineering and the maker movement.

Now I know that technology is a really wide term and I have no intention to cover every little tech news there is during the week. Instead I focus on what I think is fun, inspiring, motivational and cool, and what I think other makers (or potential makers 😉 ) will befit from learning about. Continue reading “Welcome to Maker Tech!”