Tech news of the Week – 25/16

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Once again it is Monday and News Day at Maker Tech, where you will get my favorite tech news and maker news from last week.

Gear Up With 3D Printed Aluminum

At you can upload a 3D model and then buy a 3D printed version of your design in a various of materials. Not only can you order your own designs, but you can also buy printed versions of other peoples designs. In the same way you can also make a store at the site, and use it to sell you own designs.

In addition to materials such as brass, bronze, wood, ceramics, steel and polyamide etc., the site now also offers aluminum on a trial basis.

Aluminium is a light, strong and precise materiale, and when ordering your design in aluminum you can have feature sizes down to 0.25 mm.

Fallout 4 – With Logic gates!

I love Fallout!

Fallout 1, 2 and 3 are really among my absolut favorite games. Unfortuantly I stille have not played Fallout 4 yet (mainly because I keep buying new maker things instead of a new gaming console 😉 ), but from what I have seen and read, it seems amazing!

And with the new Contraptions Workshop it just got even better. The new add-on brings new building pieces, elevators, fireworks and most importantly logic gates!

Some of us might be just content with a NAND gate (from which you can build other useful gates), but the add-on also include AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NOR and XNOR.

I cannot wait to see what users will build with this add-on. And this might  be the final excuse I needed to buy that new console and start playing!

Ethical question leaves potential buyers torn over self-driving cars

If a self-driving car was forced to save either the driver or pedestrians – which should it choose?

A study shows that most people wants the car to prioritize the wellbeing of the pedestrians. Except if they are in the car themselves.

This dilemma shows one of the challenges for the future of self-driving cars. What are the ethically right choices and more importantly, how to get potential users to trust that their cars will make the right choices.

Crappy robots (Hebacon) World Championship

This years World Championship Hebacon is taking place in Tokyo in August.

Hebacon is also known as Crappy Robots, and is a sumo robots competition where creativity and quick ideas are the inspiration.

I think it is a really cool concept, because it highlights that everyone can be a maker. And that making things which are not going to be a best seller the next day (or ever) can still be a valuable experience.

The robots in Hebacon come in many different shapes and have many different features. And there are absolutely no requirements for the robot to powered by electricity.