Video Day – 26/16

For this weeks Video Day, I have found videos for you of two very different robots, a cool retro game console and one about this years AVC competition at Sparkfun.

NASA Valkyrie

The first video if about the Valkyrie from NASA.

Valkyrie was originally designed for the DARPA competition, but the robot is now heading for Mars!

As we all know, NASA wants to send humans to Mars. But before any humans will arrive, the plan is to send robots to prepare.

Valkyrie is probably not quite up for the task yet, researchers around the world is currently working with the robot.


Now the other robot I want to show you, is nothing like Valkyrie!

It is small, cute and its movements and voice is made much like characters in animation movies.

The purpose of the robot is to be cute and adorable, and the way the movements are made like animations does make it look like a succes.

8×8 matrix game console

The next video is of an Arduino based game console using an 8×8 LED matrix as its display. This is really similar to a project I am working on also.

If you are into retro gaming, this is a video to watch! Even though he only have 64 pixels for the screen, he has made it work with clones of games like tetris, space invaders and breakout.

SparkFun AVS 2016 Course Preview

I first really got into robotics after watching old videos of RoboCup, which is a competition for autonomous robots at DTU (Technical University of Denmark).

However this is nothing compared to the Autonomous Vehicle Competition  held at SparkFun.

The competition has different categories, where one is for smaller vehicles driving on a course outside.

In the video here, you get to see the first preview of this years competition.