Welcome to Maker Tech!

Hi, and welcome to Maker Tech.

Maker Tech is my new blog where I share my passion for technology, software engineering and the maker movement.

Now I know that technology is a really wide term and I have no intention to cover every little tech news there is during the week. Instead I focus on what I think is fun, inspiring, motivational and cool, and what I think other makers (or potential makers 😉 ) will befit from learning about.

Who am I?

To give you a better idea of what I will be posting about, here is a bit about myself 🙂

First of all I study Computer Science and Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and this takes up a lot of my time!

But I am also a maker – which means that I make things because I can’t not make things. And I also love to share ideas and knowledge with just about anyone who will listen to my thoughts.

Some of my favorite topics are robotics, electronics and game development. But I’m also interested in AI, deep learning, automation, algorithms and data structures in general and much much more 🙂

What to expect

So what can you expect from Maker Tech?

First of all I will try to give you tech news when I find them- not all tech news, since this would take much more time that I have available. But news that I myself found most interesting and cool. I will try to find news in a couple of different categories , so that the news posts will have a little bit for everyone.

I also try to make short video lists with videos for you to watch during the weekend (or whenever you have time of course 😉 ). These lists might include both old and new videos, and from both from professionals and amateurs.

The blog will often also focus on a certain theme, which will change a couple of times over the year. Theme articles could include both links to where you can learn more, videos of projects and sometimes even some of my own tutorials.

Last but not least there are of course my own projects, which I will also try to tell you more about.

So this was the first post of the blog – if you liked what you read, please feel free to follow me on the Maker Tech facebook page for the latest updates 🙂