Arduboy Memory Game #4: User Input And Cursor

It is time to add user input to my little Arduboy Memory game. And an animated cursor such that it is easy to see which game card the player is currently able to select.

You can find the source code for this dev log on GitHub.

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Arduboy Memory Game #2: Preparing Sprites

In the last dev log, I started the project for my little Arduboy Memory Game.

This time I have prepared the sprites for the game cards.

All the graphics for this game is from the ‘1-Bit Pack’ from Kenney. I used Pixen to cut out the sprites from the sprite sheet and then use this image converter to convert them into hex values.

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Arduboy Memory Game #1: Getting started

I recently rediscovered my Arduboy, and quickly decided to make a few little games for it and document the development process.

My main motivation is to have a small side project that is not too complicated (initially at least 😉 ) and to experiment with a few new coding styles/patterns. You can always find the newest public version of my source code for these projects here on GitHub.

The first game I’m making is a simple Memory Game. I’m using this game to setup the basics of my ‘engine’ and to re-familiarize myself with the Arduboy library. The public version of the source code for this Memory Game will be updated here on GitHub.

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