Copenhagen Maker Festival 2016

Copenhagen Maker Festival was on this weekend. I went with the family on Saturday.

Here is some of the highlights from our trip.


We arrived around shortly after they opened. The atmosphere pictures are from when we arrived. After lunch the place was packed!

copenhagen maker

copenhagen maker

No maker festival without 3D prints

The 6-year-old maker was really exited to finally see a 3D printer in person. Luckily there was a lot of models at both Labitat and

When I first told her about 3D printers, her response was that she wanted one, so she could print a Pikachu. had this one on display at Copenhagen Maker.

img_1061 also had free 3D printed diamonds. Being able to print diamonds is not on the 6-year-old makers list of reasons for buying a 3D printer.
3D prints at
3D printed shoes at
My favorit 3D print at the festival
3D prints at Labitat
The 6-year-old maker is exploring 3D prints at Labitat
3D prints at Labitat
More prints at Labitat

MyLogo Game – with DIY Hama beads

Making a Logo for the My Logo Game
Making a Logo for the My Logo Game
my logo
The point board for the My Logo Game

IoT pen-plotter (

Final adjustments before the 6-year-old maker had her portrait printed on the IoT pen-plotter

Printed ceramics

This was really cool. Making ceramics in to ways: the old school way and using a 3D printer.

Old school ceramics and 3D printed ceramics. Laura Penman

Polygo: Geometric Creatures

Really cool laser cut triangles which can be puzzled together to form many different geometric shapes and creatures.

These were also used to make a huge LED flower, which can be seen in the video at the top of this post.

Polygo: Geometric creatures. Simion Iulian Belea
Of course all the signs at the faire was laser cut.

DIY t-shirt printing

Makershirt brought two heat presses so the kids could make their own t-shirts. Definitely the 6-year-old makers favorite DIY-activity at the festival.

DIT t-shirt print at

My favorite DIY at the Maker Festival

InfinityPV brought lots of their cool flexible printed solar cells. I am definitely using this for some kind of wearable project at some point.

Inside it generates 3V and outside it reached 6V.

Defiantly the coolest freebie at the festival!

Time for a break

Of course we also needed a lunch break at some point. Or well, someone would much rather play than eat 😉

She wore a dress I made out of an adult t-shirt we bought at the DTU RoboCup competition earlier this year.

Active break at the playground
Active break at the playground

Thats all for now.

I am going to Berlin Maker Faire next weekend, so expect more cool maker festival pictures and videos in October!