How to get started with biped robots – Bob the Biped

A couple of weeks ago I made a post with cool advanced humanoid robots you can make.

The skill level (and money) required for most of the projects was however relatively high.

So this week is about biped humanoid robots for beginners. Continue reading “How to get started with biped robots – Bob the Biped”

Advanced 3D printed humanoid robots you can build

This friday is all about advanced 3D printed humanoid robots, that you can build!

As the title says, these are advanced projects. And thus mostly meant as inspiration and motivation. In the end of this post you will however find information about an entry level bipedal robot. Continue reading “Advanced 3D printed humanoid robots you can build”

Tech news of the week – 24/16

Do you want more news than just the ones listed in this post? Then follow Maker Tech at Twitter, where I try to retweet everything I find interesting and relevant.

Today is Monday, and Monday is News Day here at Maker Tech 🙂

News Day is the day you get links to some of my favorite news from the previous week. Because this is a maker and tech blog, the news are of course also focused around these topics. Continue reading “Tech news of the week – 24/16”