Video Day 28/16

This weeks maker and tech videos are about retro gaming, LEGO and robots.


Toorum’s Quest – Arduino based video game console

Last week I had a video of Arduinocade. Arduinocade is an Arduino based gaming console which used overclocking and video signal manipulation to present 27 colors on screen.

This new video is also about an Arduino based gaming console. However this guy uses a totally different approach to get the Arduino to perform amazingly!

The project shows how code optimization and the right code structure can get even small microcontrollers as the ATmega328 to do powerfull things.

I hope I can find time to do something similar at some point. Project where even the smallest optimizations make a difference is my favorite kind 😉

LEGO drawing machine (Spirograph)

We love LEGO!

This LEGO drawing machine is a really cool project for both young and old makers.

It is relative simple to assemble and it is also easy to change the pattern it draws.

The project is made by JK Brickworks and instructions for the machine can  be found here on

Simulate Arduino Car

Ever wanted to know how it would feel to be inside a remote controlled car?

This last project almost gives the driver this experience.

You sit in a car simulator, control a remote controlled car and watch the view from the car on a big screen.