Video Day 27/16

Last week one of the tech videos for Video Day was about an 8×8 matrix game console. This week I have two new videos of game projects in addition to two about other cool maker projects.



The first game projects I want to show you, is an old school gaming console build on an overclocked Arduino Pro Mini.

Arduinocade has a number of different clone games all in color. The overclocking makes it possible to manipulate the video signal to generate 27 different colors at the same time.

This is a really cool project that really demonstrates how much you can actually can get out of the Arduino using the right techniques!

Game Boy Zero with SD card in cartridge

Another cool retro game project is this Game Boy Zero.

It is built on an Raspberry Pi Zero, and uses a version of RetroPie to play the games.

There are many cool RetroPie games out there, but this one deserves the extra attention for two reasons.

One, it is built in and original game boy case with some small modifications.

And two, not only is an original case used, but this maker also hacked an original game cartridge so it functions as the Raspberrys SD reader.

This must be one of the closest things you get to the really thing!

GRIDI – Midi Sequencer

Midi sequencers have always been fun, because it is an easy way to start playing with music. Though as with any other disciplin it takes time and practice to be an expert 😉

But they really are a good way to introduce people to the wonders of music creation.

This next video is about a project called GRIDI. GRIDI is probably the worlds largest midi sequencer. And it make composing electronic music into a physical experience, which is often a really effective teaching strategy.

Roadrunner segway robot

The last video is about a segway robot called Roadrunner (actually the name was Fætter Hjulben in the competition but Roadrunner in the video). Roadrunner competed at this years RoboCup at DTU (Technical University of Denmark).

Just like Skywalker, the hexapod I showed a video of a couple of weeks ago, Roadrunner was very different from the other robots in the competition. Opposed to Skywalker, Roadrunner did however actually qualify for the finals and came in nr. 8.

The video also won the prize for best video.