Arduino Space Invaders Game Dev Log #1: Introduction

I’m currently working on an Arduino Space Invaders Game. This is the first of several Arduino Game projects I have planned, and mainly serve as a warm-up project to get me back into Arduino and microcontroller programming again.

In this blog post you will find an introduction to the project including a section on the project scope. I’m not going to make a full detailed DIY on how you can make the game yourself, but instead write about the thoughts behind the development.

This Arduino Game Dev Log will hopefully also help others get started with similar projects by showing the process instead of only the result. Continue reading “Arduino Space Invaders Game Dev Log #1: Introduction”

How old school graphics work – Video day 35/16

Today is all about old school graphics.

September is here, which means no more vacation and lots of studying!

And of course also new Friday Videos here at Maker Tech 😉

I am currently working on projects about getting different kinds of tv outputs from the Arduino. Mainly for games but the same tricks could of course also be used for other applications 🙂

So todays videos are also about graphics. Old school graphics. Continue reading “How old school graphics work – Video day 35/16”