How old school graphics work – Video day 35/16

Today is all about old school graphics.

September is here, which means no more vacation and lots of studying!

And of course also new Friday Videos here at Maker Tech 😉

I am currently working on projects about getting different kinds of tv outputs from the Arduino. Mainly for games but the same tricks could of course also be used for other applications 🙂

So todays videos are also about graphics. Old school graphics.

How old school graphics worked – by 8-Bit Guy

I found this 8-Bit Guys channel on youtube some time ago. He has a lot of interesting videos, but the three below are especially good if you are into graphics, retro gaming, programming tricks and so on.

They are also really good to watch if you want to do graphics on a small micro controllers like the Arduino etc..

From the videos you get an insight into what simple tricks were used to create relatively complex graphics with a small processor.