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  • Copenhagen Maker Festival 2016

    Copenhagen Maker Festival 2016

    Copenhagen Maker Festival was on this weekend. I went with the family on Saturday. Here is some of the highlights from our trip.

  • Video Day 29/16

    Video Day 29/16

    The weeks video day is all about robots! Enjoy!

  • Video Day 27/16

    Video Day 27/16

    Last week one of the tech videos for Video Day was about an 8×8 matrix game console. This week I have two new videos of game projects in addition to two about other cool maker projects. Enjoy!

  • Video Day – 25/16

    Video Day – 25/16

    Today is Friday, and Friday means Video Day here on Maker Tech. On each Video Day I will share with you some of my favorite tech and maker videos. Hopefully you will finde some of them just as cool, inspiring and motivational as I do 🙂